Emina Ahmetovic

Emina Ahmetovic

Bosnia Herzegovina

Emina is native of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a market research analyst and an urban manager with a strong passion for environmental and social sustainability, with a Bachelor degree in Economics and a Masters degree in Urban management and development. She has worked in business, government and non profit sector and has demonstrable research and analytical skills.

She is a member of Clean Air Group in BiH, an associate researcher for Society for Research and development and Association Bosnian International Friendship. Emina is a volunteer of Association of patients with leukaemia and lymphoma.

She has a strong interest in entrepreneurship and scientific and academic work. During her studies, she was awarded several scholarships, namely: BUDP from US State Department, Japan Foundation Fellowship for Intellectual Exchange and Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program.

Emina is an avid blogger with a strong interest in social issues, fashion design, nutrition and health, and urban tourism and travelling.