Eleni Glinou

Eleni Glinou

Visual Artist, Researcher, Educator - Former Full time Professor, The Graphic Design Department

For 24 years Eleni practices as an artist and researcher who is directing her experience on meaningful, path breaking creative practices in undergraduate education.

She taught art, communication design and research fundamentals. As the head of the Graphic Design Department in the Technological Institute of Athens, she oversaw the development of the new curriculum of the Department -a part of an EC program - and established relations with other European Universities.

Eleni repetitively supported and inspired her students to tackle serious research issues in their graduation thesis, and orientated their portfolio projects to commercial and research applications.

She has been evaluating, rating and doing the follow up for more than10 years for candidates applying for scholarships and postgraduate studies, related to Communication and Graphic Design for the Greek State Scholarships Foundation (IKY) In US and European Universities.

She has created a great network of students internationally who are active in advertisement, business, digital media, creative industries, education and research and various areas of design. Since she worked at the Gallery 37 youth camp project in Chicago aiming to encourage and train students from various deprived backgrounds to continue successfully their education her research work is about raising consciousness and practices in creativity as a tool for change making in sharing environments.

Eleni also has a 28-year career as an artist. She has exhibited in Europe and the USA. Her artwork is found in private and public collections internationally.

Eleni graduated from the Athens Academy of Fine Arts.

She has two MAs from RCA, London.

Art work http://eleniglinou.com/

Education work: http://eleniglinou.com/index.php/ed