Dr. Abla El Badry

Dr. Abla El Badry

Secretary General, Hope Village Society

Dr. El Badry is an advocate for street children with both long and intense experience (since 1988) in the area of development and the initiation of laws that reinforce the rights of "child at risk", specific to orphans, street children and young street mothers.

She is a leader with purpose to achieve in these areas and she has used her passion to leverage ideas and realise the values that she strives to achieve.

Abla is highly innovative, and was the first in Egypt to introduce the mobile care service center for street children, and to establish shelters for them, providing all the psychological, health and social care environment they need whilst adding love: she created a positive social impact by including vulnerable children and young mothers and strove for their rights in society, she has thus enabled the development of social and economic enhancement for their families as well through introduction of micro-credit loans.

Dr. Abla El Badry has been awarded the 2nd Social Entrepreneur, Schwab Foundation Award, 2006, and is a member of Family of Every Child's Alliance, UK.