Dr Abdullah Khataibeh

Dr Abdullah Khataibeh

Professor in Science Education, Yarmouk University-Jordan

Dr Abdullah Khataibeh is a Professor in Science Education at Yarmouk University-Jordan, he received his B.Sc in Chemistry from University of Jordan, diploma in science education from Yarmouk University, M.Sc in analytical chemistry from East Anglia University-UK, and a PhD in chemical Education from East Anglia University-UK.

He received Abdulhamid Shuman Prize for Youth Arab Scientists (Psychology and Educational Sciences) – 1995.

Prof. Abdullah served in several administrative positions: Head of the Dept. of Curriculum & Instruction, Yarmouk University, assistant dean of faculty of education at Yarmouk Univ., Head of the Dept. of Curriculum & Instruction, Sultan Qaboos University-Oman, Dean of Faculty of Humanities and social Sciences- Sohar university-Oman, Dean of Al-Zahra College for Women-Oman.

He participated in Preparation of the Educational programs in several Arab countries; he was visiting professor at The University of Georgia at Athens/ School of Education/ department of science education. He has published over 70 articles and books, and he is a member of several national and international committees and organizations worldwide. He has an outstanding teaching experience and supervising several graduate students all over the Arab countries