Daniela Badalan

Daniela Badalan


Daniela Badalan is a proud Romanian who has lived in four countries and on two continents so far, with her current adoptive country being the UK. And so she considers herself a citizen of the world.

She has been living in London since 2008, where she is working as a digital marketing director for Neo@Ogilvy. Previously she has also worked and studied in Austria and China. 

 Through her work, Daniela fuels her passion for finding digital solutions to help businesses – as she is a great believer in strategy and the power of digital as a factor that can impact real change for a brand. She is a winner of the WPP High Potential Grant and a finalist of the Future Leaders Grant offered by NABS through WACL (Women in Advertising and Communications, London).  

But beyond her work, Daniela loves her travels, first because they help her stay grounded to reality rather than the bubble that we live in on a daily basis. And second, because they always confirm her strong believe in the power of people as catalyst for change in very diverse societies and in the world generally.