Daniel Shin Un Kang

Daniel Shin Un Kang


Daniel Shin Un Kang is 23 years old. He is passionate about developing people and building organizations to achieve equity.

Professionally, he is serving as the management consultant at Oliver Wyman, while leading social impact efforts in the Montreal office. His past experience includes venture capital and policy work at BDC Capital and strategy work at BCG and Korea Exchange Bank.
Daniel received a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University with over 20 awards, completing a global education through exchanges and fellowship at Seoul National University in Korea, Shantou University in China, and the University of Pittsburgh in the US. 

Notable social impact is Daniel grassroots effort “Remember the Elders”, which aimed to address the 45% senior poverty rate in South Korea. He convinced major players including executives of Google and Emerson Collective to be a part of this initiative as an “OZY Genius”. In light of shifting of demography and longevity, he plans to drive efforts in finding a solution to senior poverty globally through policy, co-operation, and grassroots effort in the pension and labour sphere. 

In his local community, Daniel serves as a founding member of an NGO. As a pilot and civilian instructor, he teaches on the topics of leadership, citizenship, and aviation at the Royal Canadian Air Cadets.