Claudio Lutzky, Ph.D. Esq.

Claudio Lutzky, Ph.D. Esq.

Executive Director, Program on Climate Change Law, University of Buenos Aires Law School

Claudio J Lutzky is a practicing attorney and assistant professor of law philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires School of Law, where he also leads the Climate Change Law Program.

Claudio got his law degree at the University of Buenos Aires Law School, and an LL.M in Law and Economics at George Mason University in Virginia, United States.

He has worked as Deputy Secretary General of the University of Buenos Aires, a Director at the Argentine Executive Branch, a Counselor at the Argentine Embassy in Washington, D.C., and Vicepresident, Carbon Contracting at MGM International, a global climate change consultancy.

Currently, he serves as General Counsel of the Club Atlético Boca Juniors.

Claudio is licensed to practice law at the City of Buenos Aires and the State of New York.

His teaching and research are focused on the limits and possibilities of the law as a social regulator.