Christina Alikatora

Christina Alikatora


From her early years, her fascination and love for people has been the burning passion she feels through to her core.

In sports is where Christina found her sanctuary, her dad always taught her to aim for the best and to motivate others to do so alongside her.

At the age of 18 years old, she decided to leave her home country of Greece to go chase her dreams and change the world.

As she was due to leave, her dad lost his job which meant that HER trip of chasing dreams had turned into an OUR trip to keep the family fed and together.  

Working two jobs for the next 5 years and deciding to not go to University was the reality Christina had created. For her, family was now her number 1 priority. However, she always loved studying, and although she did not attend University, her intentions now were to build and digest her personal preference of books and attend courses throughout the years. 

Christina started to take on new responsibilities and opportunities. Getting more and more out of her comfort zone and trying something new led her to become a boxing coach and leading young people to life changeling trips around the world. This all pushed her to one day leaving the life of 2 tiresome jobs and investing more into herself and others. She had leveled up, and hungry to live the life of her dreams.