Chohra Mohammed Abdelmalik

Chohra Mohammed Abdelmalik


Chohra Mohammed Abdelmalik, Algerian student at higher national school of computer science (Esi) at Algiers, Algeria. Highly passionate about technology, entrepreneurship and voyage, a passionate, and caring person who strives to influence, promote and empower Algerian youth to help them reach the next level of themselves via entrepreneurship and innovation.

He involved in university many clubs, national and international organization, and worked on multiple campaigns for that vision by organizing and promoting events, training programming and participating in civil society projects as an engineer, he aims to use technology efficiently and wisely to save and improve lives, for that he founded Demmi, an initiative that revolutionizes the blood donation and aims to make it a habit more than a duty.

He was assigned as an Ambassador of Algeria 2.0 and Algeria Country Director at Global Entrepreneurship Boot camp.

Mohammed is a keen reader and an amateur writer. A hard worker, an adaptable individual, a team player and a change maker.