Carol Ward Sarraf

Carol Ward Sarraf

France/ Lebanon

The entrepreneurship in business and architecture shaped Carol’s career and her professional profile. Her experience and expertise combine developing opportunities and project management. Carol’s interpersonal skills and amicable yet professional accessibility enriched her with a wide network of professionals and influential people on local and international level.

Her role of consultant to foreign trade to French government strengthened her network and her skills in building cultural and business bridges between countries, corporations and individuals.

Carol is a big fan of cultural exchange and human interactions and a major supporter of CSR missions and objectives as well as social entrepreneurs. She planned and launched the strategy of expansion with architects, engineers, developers and contractors in the healthcare, in retail urban planning as well as different various challenges and fields.

The scope of her responsibilities covered governmental organizations, foundations and associations, and investment banking entities.

Carol has participated actively to international conferences as visitor exhibitor organizer or speaker. Among her direct responsibilities were identifying business opportunities, launching projects developing partnerships, optimizing potentials in order to create jobs added values and to promote innovations industries SMEs. It’s a challenging activity but rich in learning, development and achievements. But most of all, she enjoys connecting people and witnessing their growth and success.

Finally what Carol loves most is to put meaning and sense in every single action moment and relation.

And beyond everything she is very grateful to life for her family, her double culture, her PR and she will always promote dialogue links and shares for a better world.