Beatrice Waithaka Wahura

Beatrice Waithaka Wahura

Co-founder, Sweet Lick Bakery

Beatrice Wahura, a fifth born in a family of 8, she is Kenyan though she was arrested in Ghana and served an 8 year 9 months’ prison sentence in Ghana. She was released in December of 2018.

During her time in prison, she managed to acquire training in the following areas, Diploma in Evangelism and Bible Class, Certificate in HIV and Aids Counselling, among many other life-skills training offered by the prison, such as crocheting, record keeping, baking and sewing.

Beatrice currently mentors formerly imprisoned women who have just left prison and are reintegrating back to society. 

Beatrice also advocates for women who are in prison and have gone through the rehabilitation programs to be given certificates of good conduct when they leave prison. When she left prison in Ghana she was given the certificate of good conduct which is different in Kenya and women have no access to these certificates post imprisonment. ​

When she is not mentoring the women, she bakes cakes and cookies in partnership with her cousin. Their small business venture is called Sweet Lick Bakery.