Arwa Ahmad

Arwa Ahmad


Arwa Ahmad is a Nutritionist/ dietitian since 2009 with a postgraduate study in the sciences of international health, that sets her to carry projects such as community-based projects in partnership with UNICEF addressing refugees and a patient support program with Axios international. While working on publishing her own article on IPV (Intimate Partner Violence) amongst Syrian refugee women in Heidelberg, Germany.

In addition, she is a freelancer researcher collaborating with the public health department of the Saint Joseph university USJ in Beirut, while working on a written proposal by her regarding disability in Lebanon, and their inclusion by 2030.

She believes in top-down approaches in every single project or position she held, as a holistic approach towards problem-solving is critical for the survival and the impact of any project in any discipline. She also developed a concept note, she hopes she can implement soon, as she addresses the concept of intimate partner violence through mobile health that can help to improve the reporting and the control of IPV against women and girls in vulnerable settings. This is to be considered as a possible PhD proposal, that gives a platform for vulnerable women to speak up regarding their own opinions, fears and suggestions of a potential solution.

Currently, Arwa is working on a patient support program, as a program coordinator, she holds the privilege of implementing this program for those suffering from chronic diseases and believes that every day she interacts with them gives them a chance of hope and well-being.