Annete Okech

Annete Okech


Okech Annete Adhiambo is a Kenyan. A young community leader aged 24 and has earned a bachelors degree in Commerce. She has worked as a Finance Officer Intern in the Ministry of Planning and Devolution (Kenya), and also as an Accountant in the Ministry of Health (Kenya).

She later volunteered as an Education Ambassador in The Ministry of Education. During this time, she provided literacy skills to young struggling learners. Her main objective was strengthening primary education outcome, promoting national cohesion through positive-ethnic interaction and understanding, and also participating in processes of community engagement and collaborative.

Annete is currently a Global Peace Ambassador by iBuild Africa Organization. She cultivates the art of peaceful dialogue and intercultural leadership. She mentors others to adapt the art of peaceful coexistence in their everyday lives. She is volunteering as the General Secretary(Kenya) for Great Minds Empire Africa.

She is an Open Source Leader by Common Purpose and a mentee in PLO Lumumba Foundation. She has excellent communication, leadership and motivational skills, and passionate about humanity, peacebuilding, and fighting for social justice.