Amos Ezra Magala

Amos Ezra Magala


Amos is a medical laboratory scientist working with J.O.Y medical center and Sameday laboratories. At Sameday, he tests Hospital patients’ samples referred to the laboratory and also tests walk-in clients for covid 19 and travelers moving out of Uganda- as the laboratory is accredited to run these tests by the Central Public Health Laboratory in Uganda.

At J.O.Y medical center Amos works on clinic patients for the tests requested by the doctor or clinician. He runs tests like complete blood count, malaria tests, HIV tests, typhoid fever tests, to ensure that patients get the right drugs based on laboratory reports or results.

Amos wants to provide the best medical care to the people of Uganda and all over the world, to people from different ethnicities. He wishes to educate and sensitize communities about non-communicable diseases like diabetes and hypertension and the ways to prevent them. His aspiration is to further his education, to do medicine and surgery, and also take on a master’s degree after that to major in pathology.

He also wants to run his own medical center which will be a center of excellence in medical care, affordable to the common people in his country.