Alpcan Efe Gencer

Alpcan Efe Gencer


Alpcan Efe Gencer, 22 years old, is from Turkey and based in Istanbul.Currently, a senior student studying International Trade and Business, he has studied in 4 different countries in the past 4 years, which has significantly influenced his way of thinking.

Witnessing the power of globalization across the globe; his experiences have convinced him that in order to build a more sustainable and developed future, strengthening the ties between nations and integrating the economies with each other is vital. 

Passionate about finance, Alpcan performed numerous internships with banks & financial institutions. During his studies in Hong Kong, he established strong connections with the local finance sector and took licensing examinations along with joining numerous professional societies and institutes. A realist and an avid supporter of environmental protection, he believes that “Sustainable and Green Financial” practices have the power to change the way we grow our civilization, possibly without harming the nature.

Aside from his professional interests, he is also inquisitive by nature and enjoys broadening his horizons at every available opportunity. From living with local tribes in the Northern Thailand jungles to helping animal shelters, he is certain that every experience in the world offers something different we can use to improve ourselves. Alpcan is also a keen advocate of animal rights and wishes to promote it further across the world in the future.