Alexander Shkembi

Alexander Shkembi


Alexander Shkembi is a Communications student skilled in Management, Business and Advertising. Strong business development professional with a BA focused in Public Relations and Advertising from the American College of Greece.

He is passionate about creating new ideas and working towards a brighter future. He considers himself to be a natural leader, reliable and organized. His strongest attributes are his positive outlook that encourages a strong team atmosphere.

What he answers when he is told ‘Think outside the box’ in college or in a professional environment is “What box?”. Who said there is a box defining the way we are supposed to think. Our thinking solely has boundaries that we ought to surpass in order to discover and blend new ideas together, hence creating a final product.

At his most recent job at the HUGO BOSS headquarters in Athens, Alexander watched how a big international business works. He was stunned by the pressure regarding time and deadlines people were on, a fact that made him acknowledge his eagerness to join this fast-paced business environment.