Afaf Assas

Afaf Assas


Passionate about making a positive change in her community and in the world; Afaf Assas is 25 years old Algerian youth activist and a trainer.

She holds a master degree in information and communication from the University of Algiers 3. She is also an alumna from California State University Chico. After years of volunteering and civic engagement, Afaf started following her passion for international development by launching two social initiatives: “SDG’s Advocates Community Algeria”in (2017) and “ The ICT4Sustainability “ in (2018), they both aim to raise awareness and design a strategic plan to achieve the 2030 agenda for sustainable development as well as enhancing the leadership skills of the Algerian youth.

Afaf is contributing by conducting workshops in sustainability and projects management for youth. Afaf has various experiences in journalism, education and diplomacy fields, she is an SDGs advocate and a human rights activist, Afaf has represented Algeria in regional and international forums and conferences including: The OHCHR regional forum for youth in Marrakech and the Arab SDGs forum in Kuwait.

Afaf strongly believes in utilizing the different media types as the key tool to educate communities, to provide a complete view of the current issues, and help to drive citizenship that is more effective. In addition to her PR and Journalism experience, Afaf has always been passionate about world issues and social development; therefore, she is determined to spread awareness and to motivate youth to join the positive change movement. She hopes to combine her passion for journalism with her entrepreneurial and cross-cultural skills in her professional career.