Adeline Pivoine Gusenga

Adeline Pivoine Gusenga


Adeline Pivoine Gusenga is a young female from the beautiful land of thousand hills, Rwanda. She reflects a varied personality including ambition, friendliness, and qualities of generosity and thoughtfulness. She believes in and applies professionalism with a passion for serving the community.

She is a graduate of Makerere University with a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Laboratory Technology. While at Makerere, she did Laboratory training in different departments plus the research project. She is presently doing internship training at Joint Clinical Research Centre (JCRC) Lubowa.

 Her career interests are Research, Laboratory, data collection and analysis, bioinformatics and computational biology. She would like to go into research so that she can produce new knowledge and provide solutions to the challenges faced by the medical world. She is particularly into helping lives with those living with cancer and she hopes to further her education under the supervision and motivation of world-class innovative researchers so that she can specify the patients with cancer (leukemia) at risk of treatment failure and death in biomarker discovery that could predict response to therapy and guide drug use and development.

In addition to the above, she likes to travel, she enjoys spending time with people she loves and she enjoys trying new things.