Nidal Eses: Our World Is Hungry for Change

'Networking and Collaboration is the only way forward' - Interview with Nidal Y.Eses, founder and guardian Eses4 Ventures.

GT: In today’s world how important is the role of human networks & why?

NYE: Over time the human-race witnessed several revolutions: agricultural, industrial, technological & automation and knowledge. Humanity is currently witnessing the Wisdom & Conscience revolution. Therefore, despite our departure from historical human connectivity and collaboration, it is becoming apparent to all that such is the only way forward for the survival of the human race and preserving mother-earth. History is the biggest proof that networking and collaboration is the only way forward. Homo Sapiens prevailed over Neanderthals during the ice age due to human networks they built to collaborate in: shelter, food and intelligence during migration.

“Humanity is currently witnessing the Wisdom & Conscience revolution.”

Nidal Y.Eses Founder & Guardian, ESES4 Ventures

GT: Being connected: There is a surprising power in social networks. They seem to shape our lives one way or another. How do you view this trend?

NYE: I prefer to use the term “ state-of-existence” instead of “Trend”, since it seems that once people have the power of information and knowledge that crosses boundaries, race, religion and stereotypes, I think it is irreversible. We are social beings no matter what, and the power of social networks is providing the revelation to all that we are all “equal as humans”. These networks are helping in the “detoxification” of a long history of misinformation, division, oppression and state-controlled agendas. Our lives are being shaped towards basic humanity and connectivity, in order to conquer a new frontier of: creativity, freedom, love, justice, knowledge, and health.


GT: Collective Wisdom: Do you believe in it and how do you define it?

NYE: Once we (as humans) embrace the full meaning of networking, and use social networks to further our existence. In our quest to enhance our societies through offering better: products, services, laws, health, ideology and justice, we will be forced to tap on each others expertise across the globe, in order to avoid a tedious learning curve in achieving our goals. So Collective Wisdom, is knowledge/wisdom sharing and interaction of people across: cultures, geographies, businesses and religions in order to create a new humane modus operandi for all.

“ I think social networks enhanced and added to the approach rather than the creation of an actual fundamental change”

Nidal Y.Eses Founder & Guardian, ESES4 Ventures

GT: Our world is full of contradictions. How do we adapt to and even control them?

NYE: Contradictions have been an integral part of our evolution, and there is no escape from such. This emanates from the “belief-system” of each person and society. Religion is part of our belief-system, which also includes these influencers: schooling, upbringing, tradition, experiences and needs. The elements of the system are what create contradictions in behavior and actions. For example, a person that prays but steals. Religion clearly forbids stealing, but his belief-system, tells him its O.K. So, it is my opinion, there is no way to control contradictions, but rather, the focus should be on adapting and learning from them to improve our approach towards a better-existence. Therefore, once we understand the roots of these contradictions, we can create more inclusive-systems that address them and allow for the continued development of: laws, education systems, societal interaction and national programs to address all aspects that help shape our “Belief-Systems” to reduce the level of contradictions.


GT: It is imperative for companies to construct new business models which will help them harness the power of the digital world?

NYE: If a business is to survive an evolving world economy, accurate and timely knowledge is a must. Embracing the marvels of: automation, global connectivity and technology will assure its competitiveness on a global-scale. These aspects (if adopted with conviction, rather than just to follow the trend) will free the organization to focus on the continued innovation of Blue Ocean Strategies. Organizations should view these tools as means to enhance the creativity and impact of their loyal human assets, instead of a greedy path towards cutting cost only. As a true believer in “Caring-Capitalism”, these can be revenue enhancers and profit-maximizing tools.


GT: Has the model of approaching and collection information changed because of social networks?

NYE: I think social networks enhanced and added to the approach rather than the creation of an actual fundamental change. Since there are many structured tools that will remain essential in ensuring the validity and timeliness of data leading to an informed decision. A wise organization will use a balanced approach to tap on all sources available without creating blind spots that will give advantages to competitors and alienates their stakeholders.


GT: Who are the new influencers of our world: opinion leaders, opinion makers or audiences?

NYE: Today, if connected to the digital web, then the audience is global in every sense. The world is hungry for change from the current modus operandi towards a fair-existence. Therefore, most non-conformists are viewed as the Robin Hoods of our era. Unfortunately not all of them are noble, but one has to Cherry-Pick.


GT: What does “global” mean to you? Abolition of borders? Way of thinking? Emergence of New Markets? A new model of governance?

NYE: Global is the full spectrum of those mentioned, but without a higher calling to drive these actions, we might lose our compass again (as we learned from the history of humanity). I always dreamt that The Human-Compass would look something like this: Citizens of mother-earth, with fairness in the opportunity to have access to: health, food, education and technology.

Nidal Eses

Founder & Guardian, ESES4 Ventures

Nidal Eses is The Guardian of Eses4 Ventures, an investment-holding company with international reach. His investments embody the current “Consciousness & Wisdom Revolution” to ensure laying the foundation for “Caring Capitalism”.

One of his investments is the First Co-working Space in Jordan, providing a fertile and creative environment for freelancers, start-ups and Ventures to pursue their dream. He headed Regional (MENA) and International Groups in the past 25 years in the: investment, industry, banking and commercial sectors. He transformed these groups from family managed groups towards clear separation between ownership and management through institutionalizing both: The Owning-Family and Operating-Businesses.

Nidal (AKA Chiefmahoo) is: an avid adventurer (reaching the North Pole in 2011), a profound believer of “Performance-Based culture instead of Entitlement” and has a considerable following in social platforms for his philosophy in ” Converting the Mahoo2Mahool” by opening his life to others through his page covering his own journey pursuing his humane transformational quest. Rania, Celine, Seif along with him form The Eses4 Bond. He holds a Bachelors and a Masters Degree from The George Washington University, D.C. – U.S.A.

Published: 05/11/2013