Awards for Excellence

Trust—or, too often, the lack of it—is one of the central issues of our time. Without trust, institutions don’t work, societies falter and people lose faith in their leaders. In today’s world it is imperative to project and recognise role models that cultivate and promote trust, integrity and accountability.

Through the GTF Awards for Excellence Gala we bring together leaders and representatives from businesses, governments and civil society with a goal to celebrate achievements, promote business and raise awareness around the success stories for male and women leaders who lead by example. A robust networking opportunity, the GTF Awards for Excellence Gala provides a unique, entertaining, thought-provoking platform for conversation, exposure and high level networking with a selection of invited luminaries.

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In our not-to-miss event in London we will celebrate individuals who, through their actions and projects, contribute to trust building.

Tobias Ellwood MP, UK Minister for the Middle East & Africa & Helen Alderson, ICRC Director, Financial Resources & Logistics

The GTF Awards go to some of the most intelligent, innovative, accomplished and socially responsible thought leaders. Extraordinary achievements, unique ideas, excellent management, artistic creativity, ethical reporting will be honoured during the GTF Awards Ceremony. Please nominate a person, a company or a NGO that you believe is suitable to be presented with a GTF Award in Excellence in one of the above areas.

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