Awards for Excellence

Dubai – UAE

November 28, 2014

The most exquisite event in Dubai in 2014!

Global Thinkers Forum presents its 2014 Awards For Excellence Gala under the theme:

‘Arab Women as Changemakers - A Celebration of Achievements’

We are celebrating UAE Women on the occasion of the UAE’s 43rd National Day.


Arab Women are changing the game in Governance, Diplomacy, Business, Academia, Media. A high profile meeting that will showcase the capabilities of Arab Women as Leaders, promote better understanding of global trends and generate opportunities for growth, investment and international exposure.

An exclusive live concert by world acclaimed Emmy-nominee Maestro Sir Dirk Brossé Music Director of The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia.

The not-to-miss event of the year in Dubai celebrating the success stories and achievements of Arab Women in an Oscars-like ceremony! Download Brochure here.

The Gala Dinner took place on Friday November 28, 2014.

A unique corporate hospitality opportunity The Global Thinkers Forum Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner provides an entertaining, thought-provoking platform for conversation, exposure and high level networking with a selection of invited luminaries.

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Why do we award Arab women?

It is critically important for the wider stability of the region and also the prosperity of our societies to understand the impact of interconnectedness, maintain an outward perspective, reposition the role of women, create new pathways for collaboration and foster knowledge exchange. The forces unleashed by the Arab uprisings made clear to decision makers across Europe and the Arab World that there’s is an urgent need to translate the unique momentum created into concrete positive outcomes for citizens by unleashing the huge growth potential of both regions.

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