Awards for Excellence

This is an annual event celebrating the work of pioneers and innovators in an Oscars-like ceremony! The GTF Awards for Excellence Gala provides an entertaining, thought-provoking platform for conversation, exposure and high-level networking with a selection of invited luminaries.

In 2012, GTF inaugurated its Honorary Awards for Excellence. These awards go to exceptional individuals who have a proven track record of integrity, accountability and positive change.

The GTF Awards go to some of the most intelligent, innovative, accomplished and socially responsible thought leaders. Extraordinary achievements, unique ideas, excellent management, artistic creativity, and ethical leadership will be honoured.

Award Honourees are mainly nominated by the GTF Advisory Board, but there is also an open call for nominations of appropriate individuals, companies or NGOs. All nominated entities must have a proven record of high integrity, recognition and can serve as role models for successful leadership, forward thinking and positive change.

The final selection of Honourees is made by the GTF Awards Judges.


The GTF Honourees are selected according to: 

  • The very highest standards of professionalism, dedication and commitment towards excellence
  • Outstanding achievement or efforts in a specific area, that positively affects the lives of a group of people or the wider community
  • A long and meritorious service, innovative project or achievement of national and international impact 
GTF 2016 Awards for Excellence

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