Tom Wragg

Director, The Association for International Broadcasting (AIB)

Tom Wragg is a Director of the AIB, The Association for International Broadcasting, which is the industry association and global knowledge network for the international broadcasting industry with members from all around the world.

It is a unique centre of information and networking for television, radio, online and mobile media. It was established in 1993 at the instigation of the international broadcasting industry, which at the time had no independent representative association that could lobby, provide networking and offer industry information and marketing support.
Tom has spent his career within the broadcasting and media market starting as a producer and director at the BBC where he rose to become a News board member as BBC News and Current Affairs’ Head of Production and then Head of Operations and Resources. He left the BBC to take up positions within the commercial and investment sector of the media market. He became a Director of the Omnibus Group and then the Autocue Group where he was based in the US. He then moved to Australia to work within the film studio, IES, where he was responsible for financing slates of films. Tom returned to the UK and became CEO of Media Asset Capital, an international investment and consultancy practice based in the UK, US and Canada. He continues to hold a number if International NED Board positions within media companies.