Chopi Samal

Chopi Samal


Chopi Samal Jalal is 27 years old. She has studied English department language/literature on 2012 at Human Development University in Iraq/Sulaimanyah.

Chopi is a mom of a three years old boy. While she was at the university she started to work in a local NGO named (Civil development organization) as a reporting officer, she was loving to work in the humanitarian sector and help vulnerable people. Then she got promoted to become a protection officer. At that time a big number of Syrian refugees arrived in Iraq in the worst situation and she has helped them through her organization in the camps and provide them protection needed.

After graduation from university, she joined Save the Children Organization and worked as a child protection officer for two years. Her program was providing children and youth will child protection policies, human and children rights. Also, they were providing parents with positive parenting training. Chopi has conducted a lot of awareness sessions for different community members.

Chopi started work with Mercy Corps Organization since July/2015 as a senior program officer, as she was supervising a big team, the aim of the project was to mingle different communities (IDPs, Refugees, host community) by providing different kind of awareness, training, infrastructure projects and women empowerment strategies. She has worked very hard and was able to gain the managers’ gladness, so she joint INNOVATE program with different titles, Trainer and senior Carrier development officer. She is providing transferable and employability training to youth whom between 18-24 years. To learn tools that help them to find a job and how to act in a healthy work environment. On another hand supporting and mentoring those who received grants from mercy corps to start their own businesses.