Success Yole Areeveso

Success Yole Areeveso


Success Yole Areeveso is a Social Entrepreneur with over two years of experience working on a myriad of social impact projects covering Education, food security, Skill Acquisition, Advocacy campaigns, and youth empowerment.

She is a 4th year Education Chemistry Student at the University of Benin who is passionate about solving educational problems in underserved communities. 

As a volunteer and a member of the fundraising team at Slum 2 school Africa, where she helps to raise funds with innovative fundraising strategies to help send children from the slums back to school. 

Success is the co-founder of Church on the street ng, where she is engaged in organizing projects to ensure every child from under-served communities can have access to nutritious warm meals and quality education, and have reached 930+ students and served 1460+ warm meals. They are currently established in over 10 states in Nigeria. She is currently serving as the Assistant Director of the organization. 

She is enthusiastic about learning and helping people become better versions of themselves.