Marco Vicenzino

Marco Vicenzino

Global Affairs Expert, Strategic Advisor to Senior Executives, Business Entrepreneur & International Lawyer

In a turbulent world where uncertainty increasingly dominates, Marco Vicenzino provides refreshing clarity by effectively bridging the gap between global politics and international business.

As a reliable source of geopolitical analysis and international business development, Vicenzino combines successful private sector experience with deep insight into the events, issues and developments that drive world affairs. He has distinguished himself through his ability to master and interconnect a wide range of international topics and express his views authoritatively on diverse media outlets around the world.

Vicenzino is a graduate of Oxford University and Georgetown University Law Center and was founding member, head of business development and general counsel of a technology startup, MapNetwork, which sold for $37 million and taken over by Nokia. Vicenzino advises senior corporate executives operating globally and has served as political strategist and advisor for campaigns internationally.

Vicenzino’s views have appeared in leading international media outlets such as CNBC, BBC, CNN, Financial Times, New York Times, Reuters, Guardian, Huffington Post, and many others.

Vicenzino has serviced leading public and private sector entities operating worldwide, including Shell, HSBC, Barclays Capital, Credit Agricole, World Bank, NATO, U.S. State Department, Organization of American States (OAS) and many others.

As an attorney admitted to the New York Bar, Vicenzino focused on international business transactions and government relations and taught International Law at the School of International Studies at American University in Washington, DC. He was a consultant to the World Bank and senior advisor to PFC Energy, strategic advisors in oil, gas and renewables. Vicenzino also served as Deputy Executive Director for the Washington, DC office of the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS-US) and is currently an international advisory board member of the Asia-Scotland Institute.

Vicenzino is a regular keynote speaker, moderator and panelist at conferences internationally. He is also a regular speaker of gatherings worldwide for YPO (Young Presidents Organization), a global organization that connects 20,000 chief executives leading companies generating US$6 trillion and employing more than 15 million people in 120+ countries.

Vicenzino’s professional associations have included the Council on Foreign Relations, BMW Foundation, French-American Foundation, Aspen Institute, German Marshall Fund, Atlantik Brucke, U.S.-Spain Council and others. His languages include Spanish, Italian and Portuguese and has provided on-air analysis and given speeches in these respective languages.