Jay Harris

Jay Harris

CEO, Carpe Global

After completing his Master’s in international affairs at George Washington University, Jay Harris interned for international offices at two universities and was offered a first career job by each of them, on the same day.

Jay has developed and implemented cutting-edge resources and programs for universities, a university consortium, state and federal agencies, private foundations, schools, and community groups. His background reflects the “five pillars” of global/international education: 1) study abroad; 2) international students and scholars; 3) school and community outreach; 4) development assistance; and 5) internationalization (global perspectives) in general. His work has resulted in special recognition and awards at state and national levels, where he has provided leadership and contributed to reports and other publications on international education. 

Jay has co-authored an acclaimed international education curriculum guide, led participant training for visiting delegations, conducted professional development programs for educators, and implemented unique grant programs. Part of his work has involved supervising and mentoring student employees, interns, and young professionals -- helping some of them land scholarships and even first professional jobs. His current work involves the development of a curated, online archive of international resources and opportunities, with the mission of increasing international awareness and enabling more informed and active global citizens worldwide.

Jay is a married father and grandfather. His pastimes include coaching young runners, wilderness canoeing, music, and reading.