Georgia-Zozeta Miliopoulou, Ph.D.

Georgia-Zozeta Miliopoulou, Ph.D.

Full Time Assistant Professor, Deree - The American College of Greece, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Department of Communication

Zozeta studied Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology. For 12 years she worked as a copywriter and creative director for large advertising agencies in Athens, winning distinctions in the Ermis Advertising Awards. She then attended the Cultural Management Graduate Program in Panteion University, graduating with 9.71/10 and a top performance scholarship.

Meanwhile, she worked as a communications’ consultant for large corporations; she consulted for the Athens 2004 Coca-Cola Olympic campaign; she served as a content manager and creator for sites, portals, and blogs. In 2008 she finished her dissertation on cultural branding and communication in Panteion University (10/10). 

In 2011-2014 she served as a co-founder, head of creative and content services, at Tenfour agency. 

For 12 years she taught creative strategy in Panteion University, also introducing the first course on advertising copy-writing in a Greek University. She has offered courses in the Cyprus University of Technology, the Technological Institutes of Athens and the Ionian Islands, and the Hellenic National School of Public Administration, mainly around communication, marketing, advertising, new media, and media management. 

She offers workshops for professionals, focusing on creative online content, and digital storytelling. 

Since 2015 she serves as a Full Time Assistant Professor at Deree ACG. 
She is married, mother of Themistoklis and Natasha.