Alison Ball

Alison Ball

UK/ Greece

Alison is a British/ Greek actress based in London. She grew up in Athens, Greece where she attended a British school (St. Lawrence College). She moved to the UK at the age of 18 to attend the University of Kent where she completes a Bachelor of Arts in Drama, Theatre & Film Studies.

Upon graduating, she landed a job as an ‘acting double’ for Natalie Portman in a film called ‘ANNIHILATION’. Shortly afterwards she was hired to be a double on two Star Wars movies for the female leads (Rogue One and Solo: A Star Wars Story), which were both filmed in Pinewood Studios in London. In these roles, she filmed any scenes where the actress was not directly in frame. This meant that she was given the opportunity to act opposite some hugely acclaimed actors and work directly with directors like Ron Howard.

Being exposed to film sets of this scale was an incredibly useful opportunity for an actor who is starting out. Once she finished her contract with the Star Wars franchise, she moved on to acquiring a London based acting agent (AK AGENTS). Since signing with her agent she has taken up acting full time.

Alison attendss several auditions for film, TV, commercials and voice overs. She landed her first role as ‘Veronica’ in a film called ROCKETMAN (Paramount Pictures) which is a biopic about Elton John, due to be released next May.