Birendra Kumar

Director, Mahatma Gandhi College of Social Work

Birendra was born and brought up in Champaran, India, from where Mahatma Gandhi’s famous Indigo Movement took place 100 years ago in 1917. It was first ever movement against bonded labors of farmers. He strongly believes in Principal of Mahatma Gandhi and adopted lifestyle of neednomics (need based economics).

He is inspired by Non-Violent and Sustainability movement, and experimenting self-sustainable and self-reliance community development in Champaran. His life purpose is to ensure and establish nonviolent and sustainable communities across the world. To ensure above objective, he is serving India and the world as Vice-President the Global Network for Sustainable Development ( ), USA based organization. He is Founder of Non-Violence Foundation ( ) based in Delhi, India working in 10 countries and reaching out 8 Million youth and young mind.

He is just nominated as executive board member of World Intellectual Forum ( He is Founder Director of based in Champaran Mahatma Gandhi College of Social Work ( that will offer degrees among others in social work, peace
& non-violence, and sustainability through regular and distance modes.