Marsha Firestone

Founder & President, Women President's Organisation (WPO)

Dr. Marsha Firestone is the Founder and President of the Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO), which began in 1997 as a peer advisory organization for women who own multimillion dollar businesses.

She is also the Founder and President of the Women Presidents’ Educational Organization (WPEO), dedicated to increasing access to business opportunities for women’s business enterprises. She founded the Women Presidents’ Organization after noticing a lack of programmes for women who had achieved entrepreneurial success. Faced with the everyday challenges of running a business, these CEOs can’t talk to or confide in their employees, or share their experiences. It’s lonely at the top.

WPO’s mission was – as it is today – to provide accomplished women entrepreneurs a forum in which to use the 4C’s – Collaboration, Confidentiality, Commitment and Connections – to grow their businesses, using the peer learning group as the educational model.