Sangita Reddy

Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited

A relentless pursuit of excellence and a passionate commitment to take advanced medical care, closer to the underserved and to those in need have characterized Sangita’s career of over three decades.

She is presently the Joint Managing Director of Apollo Hospital in India. A firm believer in the power of technology to accelerate positive change. Helming the IT and HR functions at Apollo, she is responsible for evolving the patient-centric culture, a signature of the organization. A firm believer in the potential of mHealth and IoT enabled health delivery, Sangita championed manifold initiatives and spearheaded the creation of a Mobile Health System that increases agility, productivity, and response time of the doctors and allied health professionals. In a PPP with the Government of Himachal Pradesh, Apollo Telehealth established a Tele-Emergency model, has done over 12,000 Tele-consultations in just a few years resulting in thousands of lives being saved.

Sangita championed the partnership between Google and Apollo Hospitals for the development of Health Cards for Google in India. She led the creation of ‘Ask Apollo’ as a web and mobile based Telehealth solution to provide service online and offline.