Azza Abdelmagid


Azza Abdelmagid is 21 years old and is a Sudanese 4-year medical at the University of Alzaiem Alazhari. She is a freelance translator in Andariya magazine.

Azza believes in women and youth empowerment in addition to her passion for Sudan culture and heritage. She found herself interested in human development, women rights and gender and she believes that in Sudan there are many untold stories that can be very inspirational. Currently, she is the developmental assistant for Sexual and reproductive health office in the Medical Students' International Network Sudan, MedSIN-Sudan. Her major concern is to support and empower the local officers in the very different Sudanese medical schools. She enjoys reading, writing and crocheting. She believes that everyone deserves a chance to learn, grow and flourish and that when we have empowered individuals we will certainly have empowered nations.