Hafiz Jawad Sohail


Hafiz Jawad Sohail (born in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1993) is a highly motivated, self-driven professional, Possesses a background in geology and having more than 04 years of geoscience and research-related experience in multinational and private companies.

He is currently working as R&D professional in Sitara Chemical Industries Ltd. Faisalabad. He has a diversified experience & insightful research skills with proactivity in every role assigned. Hafiz is actively involved with many global and local forums, article writing & research, volunteering and community involvement. He loves to work for the causes of human dignity, social change and environment.  He recently selected as talent for UNLEASH Innovation Lab 2019 and Global School Advocate by SDSN Youth. He is part of many world class organizations including CIVICUS, World Youth Alliance, We Make Change, Action For Sustainable Development, Students for Liberty, Global Thinkers Forum, Global Goodwill Ambassadors, International Development House (UNITE 2030) etc. Hafiz aims to learn modern tools and skills to continue his struggle throughout his career. He says, “I invested much of my time in developing my skills and learning leadership traits. I got much training and continuously growing my sense of understanding for SDGS, civil rights, social change and networking.”