Oluwaferanmi Muraina Adekunle


Oluwaferanmi Muraina Adekunle is 22 years old. He is a consumer-centric marketing enthusiast with a background in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, a career business solutions provider with groundbreaking business and technical ideas as reflected in his Unilever Africa Ideatrophy representation of Unilever Nigeria and African/Regional representation at the Unilever Future Leaders league.

He is a highly motivated, results-oriented individual who is passionate and continually ready to provide innovative services in challenging and merit-driven work environments that have opportunities for career development and intellectual growth.
Oluwaferanmi dislikes micro-management and thrives in an environment where he’s allowed to express himself and where his ideas are appreciated. He is a champion for the environment and an advocate/agent of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).