Yeser Meziani


Yeser Meziani is 25 years old. As a kid's dream, he always wanted to be an inventor. As he grew older he discovered that no school programme offers this, the closest thing he found was engineering.

Gifted for seeing uses for any new learning he develops, engineering namely electronics and electrical engineering was his go-to choice after being accepted into Medical and aviation schools. 
Yeser has developed through the year a strong affection to coding as he spent his first two years in university sticking his head to computer screen writing C code for his first programming course. 
 His interest in applied programming for embedded systems and real-time computing continued as he took more lessons and advanced within C++ world. Yeser is a self-taught insatiable learner who finds delight in learning new technologies and teaching it to others. 
He is completely dedicated to his self-improvement and to his personal goals, eager to tackle new challenges, an accustomed team player with high emotional intelligence capable of establishing trustful relationships and sustaining suitable air for collaboration and teamwork.