Dr. Judi Aubel

Co-founder & Executive Director, Grandmother Project – Change through Culture (GMP)

Grandmother Project – Change through Culture (GMP) is a non-profit organization officially registered in the US and in Senegal. GMP was founded in 2005 by Dr. Judi Aubel, an American anthropologist and public health expert and Elisabeth Mealey, an Australian journalist.

GMP is committed to developing programs that build on existing positive cultural values and roles in communities, especially those of grandmothers, who are very important in families but often ignored in programs.  Strategies to involve and empower grandmothers have contributed to: improved maternal and child health; increased school attendance by girls; decreased child marriage and teen pregnancy, and decreased female genital mutilation.  GMP realized that grandmothers are an abundant and underutilized resource to promote positive change for women and children, especially for girls.