Pantelis Dimitriou

Managing Director, Iliaktida

Iliaktida was founded in 1999 in Mytilene, as a grassroots effort to support social integration of mental health patients in the island of Lesvos and gradually expanded to cover integration activities for all people with disabilities.

At the same time with Lesvos always having been one of the migration gateways into Europe, Iliaktida has long been active in hosting and providing psychosocial support to migrants and refugees with an emphasis on vulnerable individuals and unaccompanied children through national, and international funding sources (including UNICEF and UNHCR). The economic and social integration of migrants has been at the core of our activities through a multiplicity of means such as skills building, provision of vocational training and informal education for unaccompanied children where a school for 170 children has been set-up in Lesvos.