Dr. Radha Basu

Founder, iMerit

Radha Basu is widely recognized as a leading technology entrepreneur and mentor, and as a pioneer in the Indian software business. Radha grew Hewlett Packard’s electronic software division from ground zero into a $1.2 billion business.

She then held the position of Chairman & CEO of Support.com, a Nasdaq-listed company, which she led through initial and secondary public offerings. Radha and her husband subsequently launched Anudip Foundation to generate livelihoods for India’s unemployed and marginalized youth through digital and workplace skills development. In 2012, Radha founded iMerit, a technology–enabled services company that delivers digital data services for machine learning, content and support while effecting positive social and economic impact by employing marginalized youth and women. She serves on the boards of NetHope, Jhumki Basu Foundation, and Santa Clara CSTS.