Adithya B. Kumar


Adithya B. Kumar (aka Addy) is 27 years old. He considers himself a global citizen and believes that every place can be called home as long as you put in the mental and physical effort to make it one.

Originally from India, Addy has graduated from the prestigious CEMS Masters in International Management program that has been ranked by the Financial Times in the Top 5 global programs from graduates. Being the globetrotter that he is, Addy has managed to gain professional working experience from both the private sector and the not-for-profit sector (including work experience from the United Nations) from 4 different countries.

Addy believes in equality and inclusiveness for all, regardless of any differences, and continues to strive to be a better human being. In the future, he would like to gain more work experience and go out of his comfort zone by working in locations that are post-conflict or currently experiencing conflict. Being the empathetic global thinker that he is, Addy always puts himself in others’ shoes and doesn’t shy away from helping anyone in genuine need by coming up with innovative solutions to pressing needs.