Khadija Timami


Khadija Timami is from Kenya. She is 23 years old and graduated with a BA Degree in International Relations in Izmir, Turkey.

Despite achieving good education, she finds it hard to find answers and motivation on how or what exactly she can do to make a positive change in development in the society that she lives in through policy making. In her own words, she lives in an underdeveloped country that is nontheless growing and my areas of interest are in Governance, Public Policy and Social Policy.  She is currently volunteering at a non-profit organization for Dialog hoping to achieve inter-cultural and inter-faith peace. There has been recent news on Muslims protecting Christians from a terrorist attack in Kenya, and this act by the Muslims makes her happy but her dream is for this to happen in harmony, not in lack of security. Development and positive globalization, to her, seem to be the way.