Abdelrahman AlSaifi


Abdelrahman AlSaifi is from Jordan. He is a young engineer ‘who doesn’t want to end up having a normal career without leaving his impact in this ever-changing world’.

His is an Engineer that has been trying to stand up and step out of ordinary experiences since he enrolled in university. He believes that the Global Thinkers mentoring Program will bebe a life-changing experience that will make him molten his talent and sharpen his skills to become a key player in any organization he works with.

He started volunteering with an organization called IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) in order to serve his community and develop their technical and professional skills, and improve their learning quality. The strategy they created in Hashemite University Student Branch has rocket launched the student branch to winning the awards of Best Student Branch in Jordan, Exemplary Student Branch in Europe, Middle East and North Africa, and Most Active Student Branch in Middle East, in addition to becoming one of the largest and most diverse student branches in the region.