Max Hoechsmann


Max Hoechsmann is from Germany and he is 28 years old. He is an entry level energy analyst with an MSc in Carbon Management from the University of Edinburgh.

He studied political sciences in his undergraduate studies in Munich, Germany, specialising in international relations and environmental politics. His desire to address the most pressing global challenges in an academic environment of excellence, led to his postgraduate studies at the University of Edinburgh. After being awarded a full scholarship based on academic merit, he graduated this November from the MSc Carbon Management programme, one of the world wide leading degrees on climate change. He now moved on to an analyst position at an energy consultancy in London, UK, merging his past academic interests in politics, economics and climate change.

Secondly he is dedicated to championing change, having a positive impact on society and serving others. During his undergraduate studies he led a team of three consultants on a pro bono base to develop a social media strategy for AIAS e.V. an organisation dedicated to fighting Leukemia. The strategy their team developed and implemented contributed significantly to an increase of registered stem cell donors from below 500 to over 6000 over the four months project period, which was not only a success for the organisation but one he hopes even saved human lives. Furthermore he achieved a second prize in a state wide start-up competition as one of three co-founders developing and selling a social product focused on early childhood education.