Carne Ross

Founder & Director, Independent Diplomat

Carne Ross resigned from the British foreign service after giving secret evidence to an official inquiry into the use of intelligence before the 2003 Iraq invasion. He then founded and now runs Independent Diplomat, a non-profit advisory group that assists democratic countries and political groups with diplomatic strategy including, among others, the moderate Syrian opposition, the Frente POLISARIO of the Western Sahara and the Marshall Islands, whom ID advises on negotiations for a new UN climate treaty.

Carne is also a writer and commentator on world affairs. His most recent book “The Leaderless Revolution” argues that governments are failing to solve our most urgent problems and proposes that “gentle anarchism” may be the most effective method of political change in the 21st Century. A documentary film about Carne and his ideas, “The Accidental Anarchist”, is currently in production with backing from various international broadcasters.