Lara Kawash


Lara is the Founder of Lara’s Crafts and Market Manager at TE Data Jordan. Starting out by displaying expressive art pieces in various home exhibitions, Lara Kawash is today along with her two partners are steadily carving out a growing reputation as one of Jordan’s most eclectic and imaginative artisans.

Their designs includes creative methods of combining calligraphy and paint to breathe life into common household objects. Designs are hand-painted on carefully selected tableware, including clear glass, ceramics and wood.

“At Lara’s we believe that through art we can change lives; our commitment to developing communities around us led us to employing women who are so determined to change their lives through their artistic skills. Since our debut back in the nineties we have worked with many women and currently we are in the process of opening a work shop in Al Hashimi Al Shamali one of the unprivileged areas in Amman in a step to formalize our developmental work and commitment”, comments Lara on the team’s remarkable work.