Mohamed Wael Saeed El-Fakharani


Wael’s experience extends for more than 23 years in the technology field, as he is considered one of the leading figures that push the IT and digital media industries in the region forward; with both sectors influencing the lives of millions of Arab Internet users. Wael Fakharany presides over the creation, and execution of the business strategies and operations management in Google throughout Egypt and the Middle East.

His occupational duties include aiding in the creation of a suitable Internet ecosystem, as well as collaborating with the biggest organizations and entities in order to further develop the Internet ecosystem in the region; this is in addition to his work on developing advertisement content and spread in the region. In addition to the above, Wael also has the ability to discuss a myriad of topics and issues in depth in relation to the initiatives of the private sector in start up markets, the development of start-ups, and developing the capabilities of young entrepreneurs in the Arab region via the use of advanced technology and through encouraging innovation. Wael joined Google in January 2008 following a successful career in many leading management roles at IBM, 3Com Middle East & North Africa and Sun Microsystems, to name a few. Wael also successfully founded Wireless Dynamics, before exiting the company in November 2008. Wael holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Communication Engineering from Ain Sham University, Cairo. He is married with two children.