Saad Mouasher

Editor-at-Large, Reuters

Saad N. Mouasher is Deputy CEO of Jordan Ahli Bank (, Jordan’s oldest and 3rd largest financial institution, with a presence in Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Cyprus.

In his capacity as Head of Group Strategy, Marketing and Sales, Saad guided the development of a detailed, comprehensive, bank-wide five year action plan consisting of more than 700 strategic projects and imperatives, designed to transform the bank into a world-class financial services institution, and to prepare Ahli Bank for aggressive regional expansion. The action plan was based on “Project Jubilee”, a historic, bank-wide initiative that was initiated and directed by Group Strategy. In late 2006, Saad was officially charged by H.E. CEO Mr. Marwan Awad to support, guide, monitor, and direct all Ahli Bank divisions in executing the bank’s highly ambitious transformation plan and aggressive growth strategy. As a direct result of the strategic transformation program, the bank has become one of the best performing and fastest growing banks in Jordan, and has achieved a compound annual growth rate of 23% in profitability between 2007 and 2011. As part of Ahli Bank’s transformation program, Saad was directly involved in creating and supporting, amongst many other projects, Jordan’s first specialized Small & Medium Sized (SME) Business Division. Today, Jordan Ahli Bank has the fastest growing SME banking segment in the country. Saad is also Managing Partner, co-founder and co-owner of ALNABIL LLC, a member and key shareholder of the Y.I.Mouasher Group of Companies, considered by many as one of the largest and most successful business groups in the Levant.