Gbemuotor Dan Kama

Co-Founder, Professionals For Humanity (PROFOH)

Professionals For Humanity (PROFOH) was established by Gbemuotor Kama a Nigerian, Cliff Jarrell an American and Markus von-Have a German in 1998.

PROFOH is providing life-saving surgeries, safe water, education and moral support based upon the strength of its core competencies, combining depth of knowledge and technical expertise with proven processes that can significantly help and alleviate suffering of less privileged people in the world. Over its existence, with the help of sister and partner organizations like Earthwide Surgical Foundation, Medical Mission International based in the United States, Amici Di S. Agnese in Rome, Italy and Global Thinkers Forum in London, United Kingdom, PROFOH has performed thousands of life-saving surgeries, a million clinical consultations and treatments in countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Mexico, Sierra Leone etc. PROFOH’s track record and medical work includes: Successful medical and social missions across Africa, over 10,000 surgeries performed, another 10,000 children immunized against polio, two primary schools renovated, 42 local scholarships offered, provided several communities with portable water, 5,000 households benefited from our safe water filter programs. Additionally, more than 1.1 million people have benefited from clinical consultations and treatments. Most missions are conducted in places where authorities are either unable or unwilling to provide basic services for large numbers of their citizens. Therefore, preventive and curative health services are severely neglected, resulting in short and long-term consequences for social economic development. Today, PROFOH is incorporated in four countries and has its presence in twelve nations. The organization is a member of several international bodies including the WHO TB partnership, United Nations Global Compact, World Bank Group Spring Meeting Dialogue, United Nations Convention Against Corruption Coalition and was the regional coordinator for West and Central Africa(25 countries) in 2012.