Nikos Floros


Nikos Floros’ is an award-winning, extremely prolific and creative artist who has gained worldwide recognition for his artwork. His sculptures are unique and original designs utilizing recycled materials such as aluminum cans which he transforms into fabric-like material used to create unique sculptural costumes. This method was created and patented by Nikos Floros in 2003.

Nikos Floros’ artwork has been described as surrealist pop art . He utilizes materials from our everyday lives which he transforms into magnificent original works of art. A major inspiration for him has been the lives of extraordinary women such as Queen Elizabeth I, Katherine the Great, Maria Callas and Grace Kelly. These women themselves have been transformative figures who have inspired many others. Nikos Floros has been inspired by them and created moving tributes to their art, their lives, their spirits and their legacies. Nikos Floros was recognized for his talent and originality early in his career. One of his first sculptural costumes, “Silver Elizabeth I” received the first prize at the Young Friends Heritage Society in New York City. Following that, in 2003, he took part in «Save Venice Benefit Gala”, in New York, presenting two costumes, “Gold Elizabeth Coronation” and “Black Marie de Medici”. The following year at the same event, he presented “Red Elizabeth”, created from 2,004 Coca Cola cans knitted into fabric and was awarded the first prize which was presented by Harold Koda, curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Αrt Costume Institute.