Dr. Hayat Sindi

Founder & President, I2nstitute

Hayat Sindi is the Founder and President of i2nstitute. Hayat was born in Makkah, Saudi Arabia and is one of the world’s leading biotechnologists.

As a child she was inspired by great scientists who changed the world. She left Saudi Arabia in her teens and worked against the odds to become the first female from the Gulf to earn a PhD in biotechnology, studying at King’s College London, Cambridge University, MIT and Harvard. Hayat was a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University for 5 years, and a co-founder of Diagnostics For All, which offers cost-effective point-of-care diagnostic tools enabling the treatment of the 60% of people living beyond the reach of medical infrastructures. She has been a PopTech fellow in both Science and Social Innovation, advancing her longstanding goal to more closely link science and social impact. Her dream is that i2 will make stories like hers less exceptional and more possible for every young innovator.